Semitel® believes that all digital communications should be user centric and that end users should have greater autonomy over their communications and communication systems

Semitel® further believes that every end user should have selective control over all their personal data within any digital environment

Our goal - Is to create, develop and provide a wide range of unique applications, products and services, wherein; each individual user has secure dynamic selective control over all personal identification and non-identification data exchanged within any local, national or international communication or transaction
To achieve our goal - The primary aim of Semitel Ltd is to holistically exploit our wide range of ‘user centric’ Intellectual Property Rights (IPR)
To deliver our goal - The secondary aim of Semitel Ltd is to holistically exploit the unique position that the United Kingdom (UK) commands within the Global Telecommunications Network

For example:
Our exclusive ACI rights provide for a revolution in user identification, user verification and the interactive exchange of user selected data within any communication framework

                                 * ACI has become the foundation on which many of today's and tomorrow's communication features are built * 
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